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Awesome Handmade Rugs with The Best Designs

awesome handmade rugs

Kia Design has created awesome handmade rugs with the best designs. These awesome handmade rugs are comes in various soft colors. Here is description from designer: “Our rugs are handmade exceptional works of art created with great patience, every single knot is tied by hand with 100 knots – this means that in every square meter there will be 100,000 knots! They are made from New Zealand wool and Chinese silk. Many of our rugs are inspired by nature and it is only right that they be made from natural products. The wool in our rugs makes them not only resilient but also hypo-allergenic, insulating and soft to touch. The silk adds a beautiful lustre to the designs as well as a super soft texture that makes you want to touch it time and time again”. Read the rest of this entry »

Gorgeous Bathroom Designs with Classic Style

gorgeous bathroom designs with luxury wall tiles

Irina Schastlivaya has created gorgeous bathroom designs with classic style that made us gasp! The gorgeous bathroom designs with classic style can make bathrooms look like works of art, simply by using classic lighting fixtures and patterns on tiles. The luxury wall tiles making the space appear gorgeous and elegance. Irina Schastlivaya always slips one or two eye-catching details that make the space feel inviting. Golden handles or thin golden tiles, ingenious classic lighting distributed throughout the room that create a warm, inviting atmosphere, as if she knows just exactly what every bathroom should feel like! These gorgeous bathroom designs with classic style are truly stunning results from a gifted artist. Read the rest of this entry »

The extraordinary building is currently on sale in Utrecht, Church House

modern church residence

modern church residence

Do you know how it would feel like living in a 19th century church? This Gothic church in Utrecht in 1870 was transformed into a modern house by Zecc architects and Thomas Hauke in 2009. Emphasizes the metamorphosis impressive in light of law and maximization of space. impressive because of unexpected perspectives and overall feel of the snow. The white walls and minimalist furniture make it an unusual stay of overwhelming proportions. Many works of art and decorative elements to create a more friendly atmosphere and reveal the true nature of this apparently sacred space. In particular, these makeshift office at home with the comfortable chair and a glass coffee table. The extraordinary building is currently on sale for the sum of € 2,375,000. What you are interested? via Read the rest of this entry »